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Anyway, as we have some store-bought carrots in the refrigerator now, I’m not going to take a big harvest just yet; the carrots could stand to get a little bigger anyway. But, I think from now on, we no longer have to buy carrots from the market…

Dig it.
After long last, my carrots are finally of a worthwhile size to harvest. I planted them on April 4th, and they were supposed to mature in about 75 days, but it’s been more like 95. I guess that’s attributable to the cool weather? Not sure.


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On Wednesday of last week our family went to the first weekly Andersonville Farmers’ Market, which operates on Wednesday afternoons on Berwyn Avenue between Ashland and Clark–that is to say: right beside our church. A small affair at the moment, but it seems to be expanding if this week’s number of vendors and patrons was any indication. Anyway, there was a drawing for a free rain barrel, selected by pulling out a random business card from a fish bowl.

As you might guess from the picture above, I won it! I’ve never won anything significant in a drawing or raffle in my life, so I was mightily pleased. We’ve now installed it under the drainpipe on the east sidse of our house, and it’s already seen action in a light rain. It collected probably 20 gallons (it holds 55 gal at full capacity), and I’ve used some of it for watering the gardening.

Pretty cool…

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