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The Juggernaut

I am not sure when the idea of this move transformed from the theoretical or merely possible into the inevitable. Now, we have set a juggernaut in motion that we can hardly stop. Our house is in upheaval, much of our nonessential things are packed and stored, and we have accrued even more debt buying appliances, paying for remodeling supplies, and other move-related expenses. Now, it seems we have to move just to wipe out our debt! I don’t think we’ll clear too much capital after debt, realtor fees, and moving expenses. Not much to show for all this time here but enough to make a fresh start.

First Free church is announcing Melissa’s pending departure and resulting job vacancy. That’s one more way that the move feels inevitable now. At Richard’s house today at our weekly R&D meeting, it was sinking in how soon I might be leaving. In some ways it doesn’t seem real, and in other ways, terrifying real…


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More Fixes

It’s been a long time since the last entry, but a lot of home improvement has happened. Melissa has repainted all our doors from stained wood to white. She’s painted the playroom, the girls’ room, and touched up many places. The playroom o(where Melissa’ clothes were) was full of condensation on the walls. We had to cover the walls with styrene insulation, then cover that with paneling in order to correct the temperature differential and fix the problem. We had the tub reglazed. We replaced the fan light fixture in the master bedroom. We rented a storage unit and started moving out things we won’t need for a while, like camping gear and other stuff stored in the basement. We got rid of the laundry room growing table set up. We replaced the 220v outlet for the dryer.

With all the chaos, it’s hard to keep sane. It seems like every room in the house is in total upheaval. It’s especially hard for Melissa, who no longer feels like she has any place she can fully control and keep clean. To top it off, we know there’s still so much left to do, and we can feel the month slipping away. The next huge hurdle is refinishing the floors in the entire upstairs. We are planning to start that madness in about 2 days. So much shuffling of furniture and living space is required. Re-doing the stairs will be a nightmare.

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