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Not Our House No More

Living in a staged house is difficult. On Monday, our realtor and her team came in like a whirlwind, with a literal carload of staff: window treatments, objets d’art, rugs, even furniture. It’s disconcerting to have them instruct us to store most of our things to make the house look more empty, only to watch them fill it up with their stuff. We are trying to stay emotionally detached, but it is difficult. Also hard is the “non-Bareford” nature of the stuff: glass-topped coffee tables, ornately decorated tables and beds, a non-functional coffee pot to replace my real one, etc. The house is expected to stay like this until it sells!

We officially went on the market in the evening on Thursday, December 8th. By Friday evening we had booked 4 showings for the weekend and logged over 300 hits on our Zillow page! This is probably standard for houses and will assuredly taper off, but the chance exists that one of these buyers could like it and could want it very soon. A sobering prospect indeed! We also have a realtor open house on Tuesday.

It is impossible to know when the house will sell, and imprudent to stop everything until it does. We must trust the Lord and wait, knowing that He will work it out in His timing. There are so many things to coordinate for this move. Movers need to be contacted. Schools notified (and found in Washington). Melissa’s job transition to negotiate. Medical records to collect .Agencies and Sorenson to contact in Washington. The lists goes on and o. And to top it all off, my NIC test for national certification is one week from today!


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Floor Madness

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of prepping the house. We first refinished all the upstairs hardwood, playing “musical bedrooms” as each room got its turn. We thought that was bad–and then we did the downstairs. Because taking away access to our living.dining room floors means we can’t access the front door or the stairs to the second floor, we were restricted for a full day to the kitchen and the basement. We sent the girls off for a sleep-over at the Kortes, and began early in the morning on the Satruday after Thanksgiving. First, the kid’s armoire was moved in the downstairs bathroom (!) and the piano was moved into the kitchen, followed by our two large huthes. This made the kitchen unusable and almost impassable. Then after the stain was applied, we turned our attention to the basement stairway and basement, painting them both. The entire house was now unlivable. To further complicate things, we ruined our loveseat! Because there was no other place to put it, we moved the couch outside…and it rained! Now, that couch was in awful shape anyway: worn, soiled, broken etc. However, this completely wrecked it and we ended up buying a couch that same day, too–or ordering it, at least. It won’t arrive for a few weeks. But, the house looks great now, and we had it all put back together by Dec. 1. Our realtor and stager seemed really impressed by the transformation.

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