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Still Waiting

Well, it didn’t work out. The buyers’ best offer was significantly less than we feel we can responsibly accept. I wrestled with this for a long time. I wondered if this was God’s way of answering the other couples’ prayers, and that we should be faithful and simply accept it. I discussed it with the men in our small group, and Jeff had some words of wisdom. He said that if the Lord had provided this as the answer to our prayers, He would also have given us a sense of peace about the decision–and that I certainly did not have. We turned down the buyers’ final offer (amicable). Now we continue to wait.


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Yesterday I had a long talk with God between assignments; I just talked out loud in the car for maybe fifteen minutes. The house has been on the market for 2-1/2 months, and though we’ve had twenty or so showings, we’d not had a single offer. I complained that I felt that we’d recognized His leading and stepped out in faith, but then everything seemed to stop. We feel in limbo; disconnected from our life in Chicago, but unable to start anything in Washington. I acknowledged that I understood this might be a test of patience, but my reserves were running thin. my faith was still strong that this move was His plan, but I asked for a sign to keep me on course.

Today we got an offer on the house. It came in$29k lower than our price, but we made a counter=offer and now are waiting to hear back. The potential buyers? A couple from First Free! Even if the negotiations and the legal processes fall through–and there are many places where they can–I can only interpret this as a direct answer to prayer. The Lord is faithful. Also, the couple asked for a closing date of March 16th! We’re trying to push it back a couple of weeks to March 30th, but if the deal goes through, we might be moving by the end of March after al.

Someday i will take a tally of all the ways we observed God’s hand in this journey. I’m sure there are dozens of other interventions that we’ve not seen, but I am blown away by the overwhelming linkages, timings, and “coincidences” that have led us along this road. I know that if the offer goes through, the next couple of months will be crazy. There is so much to do to prepare from Washington and to prepare to disengage from Chicago. Yet i know the Lord will remain faithful. This journey has reinforced and deepened my faith more than anything in recent memory, and I look forward to what the Lord has in store for us next.

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Set up a video conference with the manager of the Sorenson center in Portland. Denise seems a very amiable and understanding person, and I told her that we don’t have a move date yet-the earliest would be the end of March. She told me that would be perfect: she is remodeling their center at present, expanding it to 25 seats, and the construction would be finished by the end of march! And, she’ll have more seat that need filling. Also, yesterday I got an email from rid, stating that they now have enough tests from the new version to train the raters, and that I’ll get my results in March. Is the Lord trying to tell me something?

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