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New Place!

It’s 10:30 on Friday morning, and it seems we have a place to live! Our new address is 917 SE DR, #218, Battle Ground, WA 98604. It’s a 3-bedroom apartment in a housing development called Battle Ground Village. BGV looks like a Hollywood studio back lot, with its matching buildings, shops, restaurants, and parks. Steps from our door is the village circle, where they have farmer’s markets on Saturdays and Movies in the Park on Friday nights. It is definitely a designed neighborhood but I think it will be a good transition to Washington. I’m driving around and getting to know the lay of the land a bit. Still feels odd that this will be home in about three weeks!


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I Hate This

This process of selling and buying is idiotic. There are so many realtors, lawyers, inspectors, assessors, and others in the middle that everything takes twice as long as it should and if five times more adversarial. The buyers want us to fix every little thing PLUS adding a $550 mold air quality test (no matter the warranty offered by the remediation company and the HEPA filtering they do).

We are trying to be reasonable and not petty, but we feel we are being pushed and pushed by buyers who are willing to give nothing. We have already paid out over $2,500 in repairs so far, and we’re getting tired. The buyers are always changing (and adding to) their fix list, while at the same time vocally worrying that we won’t meet their fast-approaching deadline for loan approval and closing. Melissa is getting stressed, and I’m not far behind. I think we have to proceed on faith that it will work out. Hopefully, the contract will be resolved before I leave for Washington to find an apartment this Thursday afternoon.

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The buyer’s inspector has come and, true to form, has found many small things that need to be addressed or dealt with. However, he also found MOLD in the attic. That is bad, and could possibly jeopardize the whole contract. Our realtor asked if we knew about it (of course we didn’t!). She said the cost for remediation was usually a few thousand dollars. Ugh. I was angry, but my anger had no focus because honestly it was no one’s fault and therefore there was no one to blame. The inspector even said he sees mold in a third of the houses he inspects. Then Melissa had the genius idea to check our homeowner’s insurance policy and found that, with a $500 deductible, we’re covered on mold remediation up to $5000! I love that woman.

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Potential Sale

It’s been almost a month since the first offer…a long month of doubt. Did we pass up our only offer? Was that couple the Lord’s answer?

Finally, this past Saturday, we had another offer. This one came in low, but we negotiated back and forth and arrived at a deal, not what we would have optimally liked, but enough to go ahead. The FHA inspector/assessor comes in 3 days, so that’s the next hoop to jump through.

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