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Fingers Crossed

We’re putting in an offer on a home today. More details hopefully to follow…


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We have now been in Washington for almost a month. We have Washington drivers’ licenses and license plates. Ellie is continuing 2nd grade at Tukes Valley Primary School and Amelia is registered for kindergarten for the fall. I continue to work at Sorenson Video Relay and have received (finally!) my national NIC certification. I’ve signed up with a couple of referral agencies and start some freelance work. I’ve met with a couple of theatre people here and have meeting coming up with two other artistic directors. It look like I may have some role in the 2nd annual Fight Night showcase coming on in Portland in September.

In other words, we’re starting to adjust to life here. So that means…

The Search Begins.

We are, of course, renting an apartment at present, because it’s crazy to try to buy a house long-distance, especially when you don’t know the area. So, we’ve met with a buyer’s agent out here, and have started the search. We were looking forward to this, because we were on the wrong end of a buyer’s market in Chicago, and knew that out here, WE’D have the power in the deal.

Why doesn’t it feel like that?

For months, we been watching homes on Zillow.com and RMLS, the Washington real estate site, and seeing tons of houses that are cute and cheap…until WE start being able to really look. NOW it seems that all the short sales have offers pending, the cheap homes are gone, and what’s left is nothing that fits what we want or is much cheaper than Chicago. We hear the houses have started to move again, which means…what? We’re going to have to buy in a seller’s market after selling in a buyer’s market?




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