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Holding Pattern

So, the closing date is July 6: till weeks away, and we feel like we’re in a holding pattern. We hadn’t anticipated closing this early (we haven’t even been here 3 months yet) but now that the big decision has been made, it feels like time is moving very slowly.

We do need to get a couple of things in place: there are trace levels of arsenic in our well water that are above the EPA suggested limit (granted, 2 parts per billion above, but still) so we have to get filters for drinking water. Also, the asphalt shingle roof is nearing hte end of its useful, so we are planning to replace it with a steel roof which is rated to last 50 years. Setting up the roof remodel will wait until after we’ve moved in, but we’ll start looking at the water situation now, although I suspect nothing will happen until after we move in.

So now, we sit around with all of our plans, schemes, and dreams and can’t move ahead on anything. I’m anxious to get in and start taking inventory of what we have. I have been reading a lot of permaculture texts and articles, and I am excited to start the obervation phase of the process.


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We have found the house that will become Barewood. It is in Woodland, Washington, on the north slope of Goose hill. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath house built in 1996 on almost 5-1/2 acres. Almost 4 of the acres are thickly wooded with alders, cedars, and firs, and the open area around the house has been wonderfully and lovingly landscaped by the previous owners. They have designed the slope beautiful, using native perennials and ground covers, with paths of natural mulches leading to statuary, benches, and arbors near swales of flowing water lined with river rock. I’ve included some exterior pictures with this post. Interior pictures will follow after we’ve taken possession.


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