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Our Family Mission

OK.  So David says I actually need to start posting things on the blog since he went to all the trouble to create the page for me.  So here goes.

I am a list person.  Making a list of things I need to do helps keep me on track.  My list helps me keep moving forward with a goal in mind.  The satisfaction of crossing something off the list (especially something that has been on the list for a while) is a feeling only another list-maker can appreciate.

So when we moved to Washington, David and I decided we needed a family list…something to help us live more intentionally, more simply, and to remind us of our goal as a family.  I have it posted on our refrigerator so we are constantly reminded of the task before us.  Sadly, this isn’t a list we can cross anything off of…but even for an list-maker like myself, that’s part of the fun of family.  So with a nod to Thoreau…our family favorite, here is

The Bareford Family Mission Statement

We went into the woods because we wanted to live deliberately
…to pursue our relationship with God

…to exemplify His love in our family and to others

…to strengthen our connection with the land and our food

—to encourage creativity, learning, and fun

…to cultivate intentional relationships

…to adopt a more healthy lifestyle

…to live simply

…so that we build a home of peace.


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