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New Home, New Traditions.  Even before we moved to Barewood, David and I talked about creating  a Christmas tree grove as part of our holiday traditions (I had read about it on Mother Earth News some years back and loved the idea.)  But this year, we actually get to start it.

So we purchased a lovely potted noble fir from the local nursery and set it in the front lawn and began decorating.  It looks lovely in the pitch blackness of the nights here, and yesterday it got flocked with real snow. (Honestly we had planned to bring it inside, but we could only bring it in for a week without killing it, so we decided to leave it outside).  We have picked out a spot for our grove and after Christmas we will un-decorate the tree and plant it in the grove where it will joined each year by a new Christmas friend.  We even have some bird seed ornaments to put on it once it finds its final home.  As the years go by we can walk through the grove and remember Christmas’ past.  Here are some pics of the tree decorating. (it was night when we finally got to decorate because the rain had been coming down all day!)



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We decided to have a natural  Christmas this year and take advantage of what the land has to offer.So to start with David and the girls collected boughs of cedar, fir, and holly from the  woods (yeah, we have a holly tree…how cool is that?!) and we used them decorate the front porch.  Then Ellie and I fashioned a lovely cedar wreath.  We continued inside with cedar and holly scattered on the mantel and throughout the house.  It smells like Christmas.IMG_7067IMG_7069

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