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Goats 002

Two days ago, on Saturday, January 17th, our doe Leia gave birth to two baby goats. We were expecting to be present for the birth–we had even set up a baby monitor a week prior so that we could hear when things “went down”–but Leia had other plans. Maybe since it was her third kidding it wasn’t cause for alarm on her part: she didn’t even make a sound! Our first clue on Saturday morning was a strange bleating sound from the monitor. “Is that a chicken?” I asked. “It sounds like the goats,” Melissa said. “Not the goats we had last night…” I said, and headed out to the barn…



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Apple Tree update

Awhile back, I planted a stick in the ground that Henry Field’s assured me was a Sweet Sixteen apple sapling. I was dubious it would turn into anything, because it was only about 18 inches long and not much bigger in diameter than a #2 pencil. I am pleased to report that it not only survived, but it’s done pretty well:

I not inviting any of you over for apple pie this fall or anything, but I’m saying the tree now vaguely resembles a young tree, and I’m not actively embarrassed to have such a beefy support for a tiny twig. Maybe next fall (or more likely Fall of 2012) we’ll actually get some fruit…

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Calling My Bluff

Sometimes, gardening is easy (after all, we live in the Midwest). I throw some lettuce seeds or carrot seeds into the ground, water them occasionally, and soon have a bumper crop. It’s easy to think I’m getting pretty good at this gardening stuff. And then I order something that calls my bluff.

Grow that, garden boy!

Henry Field’s Seed Company tells me those sticks are a Sweet Sixteen apple tree on a dwarf rootstock and three red raspberry plants. Sure they are. Don’t come to me for your apple pie or raspberry jam this year. Or next year either, I suspect. If I can actually get fruit and berries from these sticks, then I might start to think I’m a capable gardener. 

Or not.

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