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Two days ago, on Saturday, January 17th, our doe Leia gave birth to two baby goats. We were expecting to be present for the birth–we had even set up a baby monitor a week prior so that we could hear when things “went down”–but Leia had other plans. Maybe since it was her third kidding it wasn’t cause for alarm on her part: she didn’t even make a sound! Our first clue on Saturday morning was a strange bleating sound from the monitor. “Is that a chicken?” I asked. “It sounds like the goats,” Melissa said. “Not the goats we had last night…” I said, and headed out to the barn…



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There’s been a couple of new developments in the urban farming aspects in the Chicago area, and I’d thought they needed some attention called to them.

The first is the nation’s first certified organic rooftop farm, right here on Devon Avenue! Uncommon Ground has built it, and also offers a weekly farmer’s market during the summer and is trying to set up community orchards in Logan Square.

The second stride forward is a proposed aquaponics vertical farm in the south loop. Here’s a related video.

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Student Melanie Christion, 17, tends to the fish farm at Chicago High School of Agricultural Science, which is raising 1,000 tilapia. The school’s farm operates at commercial grade, but not on a commercial scale. (Photo: Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago TribuneApril 11, 2010)

Urban fish farming: Will it catch on in Chicago? – chicagotribune.com

Next week, I’m planning on taking a journey to Milwaukee with a friend to tour Growing Power, an urban aquaponics operation that is becoming more and more well known. But, there are things happening right here in our little Chicago, as well! I may have to add the Chicago High School of Agricultural Science to my tour itinerary, to see how they’re doing things. I wonder if Alderman Bernie Stone will be as receptive to such endeavors.

The Bareford aquaponics project has no official start date yet, but it will happen. Oh yes, it will happen.

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Sometimes I feel like a cheating when I post entries that are really about other blogs or websites, but I recently ran across this site and suspect most of the people that read this blog haven’t seen this website but might like it:


The organization name stands for Faith and Sustainable Technologies. It’s a Christian-based corporation that provides information relating to aquaponics, gardening, backpacking, raising poultry or rabbits, and many other green technologies. They have also undertaken projects like setting up a greenhouse and aquaponics system in Kenya to help disadvantaged people there.

I think it’s a good example of how showing God’s love for people and Christian stewardship of the earth can come together.

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