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That’s the new workshop–do you see it? Admittedly, it’s a bit theoretical for now. You’re looking at hill to the west of our house; for those familiar with Barewood, it’s to the west of the house in the “lower woods,” across the footbridge from the fire pit or beyond the huge cedar behind the house. One day, there will be a cruck-and-timber framed shop there with walls of cordwood  masonry… (more…)


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They say that in Spring, a  young man’s thoughts naturally turn to romance. Well, it’s winter here and I’m no longer young by any rational metric, so my thoughts gravitate to…building stuff with wood!

The current project buzzing around my brain is a dedicated, stand-alone workshop for my woodworking. Currently, I have taken over half (well, let’s be honest: 3/4ths!) of our garage, and Melissa patiently endures tromping through sawdust and wood shavings on the way to do laundry or access our storage. Plus, I could use a bit more space to spread out, especially for my treadle lathe, shaving horse, sharpening station, wall space for storage, area for drying my milled lumber, etc.

Two design goals shape this project:

  • Hand-crafted. As much as feasibly possible, the shop and its contents will be built by my own hands, including much of the infrastructure needed to help me complete the actual construction.
  • Unhurried. Many of the rural properties in my neck of the woods have detached workshops but they’re usually a variation of a pole barn with metal siding. Those kind of buildings go up fast, but I have no deadline to meet or urgency to “get ‘er done,” so construction speed isn’t a priority. In fact, spreading out the costs over a longer time actually softens the financial blow.
  • Freely sourced. Most of the wood for the project will be harvested right from Barewood, and I’d prefer to get as much of the other construction materials from Craigslist or other free/recycled sources.

The old construction adage claims “we can build it good, fast, or cheap: pick any two.” Looking at my goals, I’ve clearly made my choice! I want a shop that reflects my style of hand-tool woodworking: a building that is equal parts functional and nostalgic. In later posts, I’ll talk about the structure I’m planning, show some design inspiration photos, and get into the details. But I hope you’ll join me on this next building adventure. If you’re not a follower now, you can sign up in the right column and be notified for further updates.

Stay tuned!

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